Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Lego. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The Lego Movie is the kind of movie which rarely comes out. It is an animated movie that is free for all as it’s not only a kid’s movie but also a movie loved by adults. The animated, visual image and LEGO characters are loved by the kids whereas the shameless, sharp wit and humor is a joy for the adults and people of all ages. A movie that is familiar to all as it uses the LEGO blocks which have been a part of everyone’s childhood. The movie is based on a team of superheroes who go out to save the LEGO world from the evil inventions of President Business (Lord & Miller, 2014).

The philosophy of the film is based on the characteristics of a communist and fascist authoritarianism in a world of LEGO ruled by Lord Business. The movie shows the LEGO characters living a packed life where they are afraid of making decisions without following the instructions. They are trapped by capitalism and so brainwashed that they are happy to drink over-priced coffee. As the audience sees the film, they acknowledge the fascist elements of the capitalist society with thought-provoking and insightful humor. These aspects of the film tend to keep the audience attracted as it offers much more than just a LEGO world for the kids.

However, from the fascist LEGO world comes the ordinary guy, Emmet who is encouraged to give his own ideas which convey the philosophy to the audience that with the LEGOs, we can do anything. We can either make our own ideas and imagination and execute them or simply follow the rulebook. Thus, the LEGO-ness of the movie also contributed greatly to its philosophy and the way it developed because its elements showed the pure LEGO features and it kept the audience attracted to the realness in it.

The company was Animal Logic that was assigned for the animations of the movie. The animations were based on the LEGO building blocks using some of the most amazing physical creations to make it look real. Everything in the movie was made of bricks which gave the essence of a real-life kid with unlimited LEGO blocks. The film was visually portrayed as the most attractive imagery for kids as it was everything that they have dreamt of. a world of LEGOs (Kermode 1).

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