I need some assistance with these assignment. the migrant mother photographs of dorothea lange Thank you in advance for the help! Reality and normal photography was established in 1839 and are also the accepted establishment of this science-art (Marien, 2006). These artists have found out that people respond well to pictures than words and it is easier to get attention and the needed support by showing the world what they want through their lenses. One such artist is Dorothea Lange who is considered to be one of the world’s best photographers of all time. Dorothea Lange was an American photographer and photojournalist. She lived from 1895 to 1965 and is renowned globally for her work during the great American depression era when she worked for Farm Security Administration, FSA. It is during this time that her best noted and well-received photograph was taken. The photo is of a woman called Florence Owens Thompson whose famous picture was labelled ‘the migrant mother’ (Spirn & Lange, 2008). This paper is going to discuss the photograph ‘the migrant mother’ and how Dorothea Lange has invented meaning in her picture. Furthermore, the essay is going to discuss the photograph in relation to its production, reception, social, historical, biographical and technical circumstances.

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