Dear Students

Use the following question to write a 10-15 page final research paper. Post your essay in the week eight drop box no later than Thursday night, week 8

The Most Effective Educational Environment

Assuming that you are about to embark as a new K-12 teacher or a higher education faculty member (in any discipline), or as a community-based health educator.  Based on what you have learned throughout this term, which learning theories would you consider using to create an effective learning environment for all of your students regardless of their unique learning styles and individual needs?

Your research should offer a broad overview of at least three of the major theories of knowledge (listed in chapter 4 of our text) we have covered and should explain how these have influenced the educational systems at all levels. You should also share your professional point of view about these theories and how you would put them in practice to enhance and improve your educational setting.

You should cite at least 12 different sources in addition to the course text. You must use the author-date citation system described in the Keiser University APA style material provided on our course page. You should access articles in teaching and learning theory (might include psychological) journals available in the on line library.

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