Need help with my writing homework on The Role of Central Park in New York’s Movie Tourism Industry. Write a 1750 word paper answering; Respondents 2, 7, 9 and 10, not in favor of the tours, cited time constraints, preferred other tourists’ attractions reflecting more of the city’s rich culture and wanted to avoid crowding at movie locations.

With regard to forehand knowledge of New York’s movie tourism, three respondents did not know much, just some locations and perception. respondent 2 knew nothing at all while six respondents felt that they had extensive knowledge about the specialized tourism. Most respondents reported having actually watched some movies and television shows shot in the city. Six respondents had watched Sex and the City, five had seen Home Alone, three had watched the Friends show. two had seen The Backup Plan, Wolf of Wall Street, Spider-Man, Friends with Benefits and the Gossip Girl Show. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Antichrist, Ghosts Busters, New Year’s Eve, Remember Me, Night at the Museum, Birdman, Begin Again, Whiplash, the Mindy Project, Glee, Peter Pan, Taken 2, The Purge, Serendipity, Ugly Truth were some of the movies seen by respondents, along with The Power, Forever, Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)New York, Parenthood, La Ciudad and Grey’s Anatomy shows.

Watching the above movies and shows made respondents expect things like loads of snow on city streets, bitter cold, lots of celebrities and glamour as depicted in movies such as Home Alone, Sex And The City, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Batman, King Kong and Will Smith’s movies. They expected unique, exciting and unattainable sights such as disasters. actual movie locations. a commercial hub. excellent structural and architectural designs. a cosmopolitan, multicultural and friendly city. bigger and better than London. Respondents 7 stated that movies.

After visiting New York, most respondents reported that the city was not as glamorous as expected, but was better than other cities in this regard. Others did not see any heroes, though they found the city a good place.

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