Write 8 pages with APA style on The Stolen Kiss by Fragonard. Looking closely at a particular finished artwork can help the viewer to understand important concepts within the given society, such as the relationship between women and men or the political forces at work, but these ideas are better informed when one is aware of the history of the region or of some of the personal experience of the artist as both of these elements will have a profound effect upon the symbols employed to convey the message sent. To understand a work such as Jean-Honore Fragonard’s oil-painting “The Stolen Kiss” (1751-1760), it is necessary not only to understand the contents of the image and the technical elements that attempt to communicate a message but also to understand the historical and cultural environment in which the painter worked as a means of understanding the painting’s historical context and importance.

During his lifetime, Fragonard painted at least two paintings that he titled “The Stolen Kiss”, both of which were painted within the same general period but each featuring vastly different images. The painting to be discussed here (see Fig, 1) is presumed to have been the later of the two, based upon his subject matter and biographical data.

As is shown, the painting depicts a scene of two young girls and a young man sitting in a darkened room over a small table. The young man and one young woman sit on the far side of the small table from the viewer while the girl being kissed sits on the same side as the viewer. The image is captured of the moment that the young man reaches across the table, bends the young woman back in his arms and reaches to place a kiss on her cheek. Meanwhile, the other girl helps the boy in his attempt by holding her friend’s hands down at the level of the table. While her body language seems appropriately shocked at this behavior, the girl’s eyes and face&nbsp.betray a willing acquiescence to the antics.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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