I need some assistance with these assignment. the successful college learner Thank you in advance for the help! Some may choose to merely stay and finish their preliminary studies while others could opt to study for a Higher National Certificate (HNC) in hairdressing followed by a Higher National Diploma (HND) in makeup artistry. In order to assist them along the way, it is my belief that the teacher must be able to utilize different teaching methods for different situations.

During my time as a lecturer, I have applied several different techniques of teaching to meet the needs of these individual students, or at least I thought so. I soon realized that I was trying to get students to respond to my style of teaching rather than responding directly to their distinctive needs. While this method was certainly ego gratifying at the time, it was perhaps not the best method to go about teaching others. I discovered through my studies and my life experiences as a teacher that we all learn in different ways and are motivated by different drives. There is no single fit when it comes to addressing the needs of these diverse learners. I began to research to review my own teaching methods and research other avenues. I discovered that there are two overall methods of learning that work well in this particular environment. Self-directed, or student-directed learning is the first and experiential learning tempered with humanism and behaviorism is the second. While there are certainly many more systems and styles that are also part of a well rounded educational experience, these two as far as I am concerned have become my primary toolkit.

This type of learning allows the student to study at the pace which is suited to them. for me, this involves developing a learning plan that not only suits the student and their own life and learning styles but also suits the required assessment deadlines. What is self-directed learning? Students are given the rudimentary aspects of project and individual learners are required to take the steps and make any decisions.

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