Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: The Use of Computers in Psychological Diagnosis. In the modern age of advanced science and technology, the use of computers has become an essential requirement in the industry of medicine and health care. The use of computers allows all work processes to be conducted effectively and efficiently. The use of computers by the psychologists is they consider the computers as instruments that help them in the diagnosis of the patients and allows them to study the condition of the humans as well. Studying the human mind and the different human behavior is extremely critical and it is one of the most unpredictable and dynamic things.

Psychology can be defined as the study of the human mind and also the study of human behavior as a result of the impacts on the human mind (Barlow and Mark, 2004). The impact of human mind also affects the decisions of the humans and their overall processes of functioning. The human brain is considered as a neurological computer for the human body by the psychologists (Hansell and Damour, 2005).

It can be deduced that a strong relationship is present between computers and psychology. Computers tend to work in strong correlation in the field of psychology because it is used in all types of psychological testing and treatment procedures. Psychology has a lot of dimensions and there are different types of psychology present. This paper discusses the use of computers in abnormal psychology.

The term abnormal psychology can be defined as a branch or type of psychology that studies the behavior patterns of humans that are unusual, the unusual thoughts and emotions that humans possess that may or may not be causing them to be having a mental disorder. Abnormal psychology tends to consist of various reasons for different types of behaviors. The different behaviors observed in the individuals are due to the situations they have undergone and therefore need to undergo a psychological treatment.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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