I need some assistance with these assignment. the wasp woman 1959 Thank you in advance for the help! With a representation of her company across advertising for close to eighteen years, the board and Janice conclude that the recent drop in the firm’s sales is attributed to her aging appearance. With much interest in the project by Winthrop, Janice solicits information from her chemist, Arthur Cooper. However, he advises her that the queen wasps have a dangerous and deadly effect. Through witnessing the transformation of several old mice into a youthful appearance after the injection is Winthrop, however, Janice takes up the chemist while authorizing secrecy and complete freedom in the experiments. Winthrop is considered aback while Janice continues to insist that she would be the subsequent test subject even though there is ultimate agreement. During the following board meeting, Winthrop is introduced by Janice, while announcing that he was tasked with working on one of the projects that would eventually revitalize the firm’s performance (Bergan 37).

Further, Bill Lane, board member confides in Mary Dennison (his girlfriend and Janice’s assistant), that there is suspicion that Zinthrop could be a charlatan. While Cooper narrates to a couple of his beliefs on Zinthrop to be a dangerous quack, the board member secretly asks Mary to file a report on Winthrop, as well as actions by Janice to him. Several weeks pass and the accumulation of the necessary amounts of royal jelly are deemed. At this point, Winthrop issues Janice with the first injection while advising her of the fact that the aging problem would take a while to have positively apparent results. Winthrop also recommends that immediately after the results have positive confirmation, Janice as well as Cooper needed to develop these products into facial cream that would take a shorter time to work while enormously raising the company’s profits. Janice also agrees to the injections for a period of three weeks even though there are not apparent.

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