Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Zift Film. It needs to be at least 2500 words. Moth shares a lot about life issues with Van Wurst while in prison. After their release from prison, Wurst sees no hope in the outside world and hangs himself. Moth comes out of jail totally a different person, and ready to venture into the real world reality. Moth, after coming out of jail finds the world outside not a different place from the prison he came from. During his early ages as a teenager, Moth’s father used to take him to watch films, and he grew with that attitude and desire for film making in the future when he grows up. It is after serving the 20 years in jail now that he decides it is a better time to realize his dream. Though it looked challenging, he had the motive and desire to succeed in the industry (Todorov, 2010:132).

The idea of the film did not differ from the other Bulgarian movies as they mainly focused on everyday life experiences, constructing of the national image of the country, and historic moments. Therefore, after Garden and Vladislav made several consultations on how their film could look like, they decided to focus on a captivating and enticing genre attack, which they thought would draw the attention of many. The action, staged in the middle of monumental spaces of the whole state encircled by a zone of town life engulfed with hostility and poor life, mainly covered the life of the people in the society.

The communist life in the days still afresh in the minds. the film framed the animosity of the communist life. The aim is to expose the communist vice and ensure its entire eviction from society. The choice of the devices in the film made it appear as a hardboiled neo-noir. The mix of events and the stage of action gave the assurance that the work has perfection and satisfaction (Celluloid Liberation Front, 2009:5). The film is in black and white pictures in order to bring out the picture of the different scenes covered.

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