Write a 7 pages paper on third world cinema: a glimpse into the latin american and african film movements. Thus, the ideological implications of the various film movements across the globe are varied and provide for a diversified generic study.

In the context of our discussion, we will focus primarily on, what has come to be known as ‘the third world cinema’ – a composite aggregation of film movements of diverse national origins. It emerged mainly in the political motivations and aesthetic imaginings of a group of filmmakers hailing from various regions in and around Latin America, Asia, and Africa during the 1960s and 70s. This era was marked by an explosive and radical re-envisioning of the cinematic world and ethos. The root of the movement, of course, lies in the ‘third world’, a term fraught with the colonial tensions and arising out of the need to resolve the conflicting ideologies that were still current while these nations were in the gradual process of rebuilding themselves. However, a better understanding of the definition and developmental history of this film movement may be achieved by examining the successive stages of its philosophical, economic, and ethnological evolutions.

T.H Gabriel succinctly divides the movement into three distinctive periods – the assimilative, the remembrance, and the combative phases. The Third Cinema developed, during its initial assimilative phases, mainly as a sort of simulated reflection of the entertainment-centric ethos of the Western Hollywood cinema. This phase saw a major preoccupation with the theme of entertainment, being concerned mainly with moneymaking and expansion of the audience. The staple thematic trend of these early Third World Cinema was often centered on sensational adventures, romantic escapades, slapstick comedies with broad humor, and adapted versions of Hollywood musicals. It showed, in this phase, a tremendous capacity to incorporate and “ingest” the western film conventions within its own generic boundaries.&nbsp.

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