Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Time Management. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. A conclusion was based on evidence and activities related to time management. Previous activities will be the benchmarks in determining the mode of time management and if at all a change will improve productivity or will have no effect on the overall result.

The methods involved dividing tasks depending on urgency and importance. Upon which each task was assigned a target. The order of performing each task depended on the urgency. A time frame was set in which each task was to be completed. The mode of performing the duties depended on the difficult nature of the task. A list is developed to identify the list of duties. Time is assigned to each task depending on difficulty. A complete task was marked on a list provided. A period of rest was provided per two tasked performed. Other tasks were combined in situations where tasks seem easy.

Individual targets were the determining factors towards a successful task. Each task was assessed on three platforms. Goals and priorities of each given task were the first strategies. The other strategy was setting mechanisms that will allow a certain task to be completed using a given method. The goals were set depending on the individual and organisational task and obligations. The result and time spend per task were compared on two platforms, the first being current tasks in relation to set time. The second strategy is the past task with respect to the current time set. Work, study and personal chores were divided into the setting mechanism. The study period was determined by the school’s curriculum. Transition time was set between study time and personal time. Work period was determined by the organization in that the time spend at the workplace was subdivided according to the number of tasks. The task and schedules were repeated for five days.

Each task was performed according to the set time at the designed plan. There was an&nbsp.improvement in the number of tasks performed each day. Previously one task was sacrificed to pave way for others. In previous schedules, there was a choice to pick between study and work. The first day saw each tasks being completed despite some time limit setbacks. The fifth day saw improvement as all tasks where performed in accordance with time and goal set per each task.

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