Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on To What Extent Did The X Factor Alter The Distribution of Popular Music. It needs to be at least 2000 words. The goal of this paper is to examine the impact of X-Factor on the distribution of popular music. The best records relating to the show come from the UK since this is where the show has been running for the longest time. The other significant market for the show in the United States. This paper will focus on the impact of the show on the distribution of music in the UK.

The basic idea behind reality TV is the creation of a real-life environment for people to carry out an activity when being filming. Most of the activities are competitive in nature. As opposed to scripted shows, reality TV thrives on the spontaneity of the participants. The outcomes are not fixed and therefore viewers remain glued to their screens because of the suspense. The X-Factor was not the premier singing reality TV contest. In fact, the show borrowed heavily from the Pop Idol screened in America before 2003 (Robinson &Robinson, 2005). In both shows, the participants undergo a series of auditions before reaching the screening stages where the finalists come up for intensive training and competition during the show. The basic idea behind the naming of the program and its whole gist is the discovery of the “X factor” that makes a musician tick. The show aims at discovering this intangible and indescribable factor in the contestants.

The show progresses through five stages. In the first stage, the producers carry out the primary auditions and give contestants who will meet senior producers a “golden ticket”. The senior producers further identify contestants who proceed to the second stage. At the second stage, the judges audition the participants and classify them into three – the good ones who proceed to the next stage, the bad ones who are poor at singing, and the bizarre ones. This last category refers to those who stand out in some way that is neither good nor bad. The successful contestants go through further processing at the “boot camp”.

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