Write 8 pages thesis on the topic operations management of disneyland. During the last world recession towards the end of the last decade, Disney reported extraordinary profits for a company during such a tough economic time (chase & Tansik, 1983).

In 1992 Disney opened up a new destination in Paris. This was after much analysis and lobbying behind the scenes on the location of the continental Europe branch. Two choices to be considered for the location where Spain and France (Cox, Blackstone & Schleier, 2003). After much analysis and consultation, Disney management decided to locate their new park in Paris France. Despite having unsuitable weather for a park such as a Disney, Paris had all the qualities of a promising market (Flynn, et. al 1990). Paris was centrally placed in the European continent. This position made it easily accessible to many European citizens eager to experience Disney magic. However, as it turned out the project almost watered down to oblivion from its opening and was still performing dismally as late as 2006 (Flynn, et. Al, 1995). Despite various administrative and structural changes in the company Paris Disney park is yet to pick up (Fuchsberg, 1992).

The Walt Disney Company founded in 1923 has been credited for its creativity, quality of services and customer-oriented service, culminating in high levels of satisfaction in Disney’s clientele. It is this good legacy that prompted Disney to open up a new destination in Paris given the interest it evoked among Europeans (Goldrat, 1984. Gupta et al., 2000). Due to this, the company opened its Paris destination in 1992. Reports from different analysts and the media were highly optimistic that the breakthrough by Disney into the European market would be easy and fast. The policy of the existing Disney parks was projected to aid a lot in the venture (Goldratt, 1992. Goldratt, 1994). These factors and the overall goal of Disney of maximizing exposure and growth worldwide were projected to lead Disney through this period.

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