Write 8 pages with APA style on Tourism and Terrorism. Tourism remains a critical component of the economy for individuals as well as the country as a whole, but regardless of the attention that the tourism industry has gained and the stress on constant development and advances, there are some dynamics that cannot be controlled and result in substantial and, in other cases, severe effects in the tourism sector.

The economic significances of tourism for a nation cannot be doubted and for numerous developing nations, tourism is a key source of revenue, making it an integral part of the economic development of the nation (Chakraborty and Ray, 2014, p. 87). Nonetheless, numerous negative occurrences such as terrorism might exist therefore wreaking havoc on the tourism sector of a particular country. Terrorism affects tourism in adverse ways as it may result in various repercussions including deflation and increased rates of unemployment. The contributions made by tourism to any nation are so immense that slumps in the industry become a key cause of concern for numerous governments. The ramifications become evident in numerous other sectors that are linked to the tourism industry including airlines and hotels that cater to the tourists when they visit their destinations (Connell and Rugendyke, 2008, p. 159). Therefore, terrorism has an impact on the tourism industry as well as the sectors of the economy that are both directly and indirectly linked to it and the effects can be minimal or huge based on the degree of dependence on this sector.

Conversely, the developing nations that have a huge dependence on tourism experience more ramifications compared to the countries that do not have a lot of dependence on the sector (Keefer and Loayza, 2008, p. 36). Nevertheless, the psychological effect associated with terrorism is enough to cause a disruption in the tourism sectors of most of the nations but the more developed nations may be able to absorb some of the impacts to the economy.

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