Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Tourism as a Means of Colonialism. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. As Rana Kabbani wrote, the primary function of travel was to impose power over the lands and peoples to which one traveled. In order to gain the riches and benefits brought in by the travel industry, many countries found it necessary to allow the construction of the instruments of mass tourism in the form of mass transit.&nbsp.

One of the major means of obtaining power over a region was the necessary development of a railroad system as a means of encouraging both trade and tourism. With the railroad, “a given spatial distance, traditionally covered in a fixed amount of travel time, could suddenly be dealt with in a fraction of that time … this meant a shrinking of space” (Schivelbusch, 1986: 33). The concept of the suburb was born with the birth of the railway as it suddenly became convenient for individuals to live with their families in the more spacious homes of the country and still make it into town in time to open their shops in the early morning and return home for dinner. In addition to opening up the economic frontier, these new technologies also made other new concepts available. “A hugely important development in the history of travel took place when the journey ceased to be regarded as an uncomfortable and possibly dangerous means to an end and was appreciated instead as an expression of personal freedom and a route to re-definition of the self” (Jarvis, 2004: 84). The introduction of steamships and railways meant that travel between countries was more available to a wider proportion of the population on both sides of the channel. As the tourism industry grew, making travel between countries easier, individuals given the luxury of movement represented in the automobile gained even freer movement as they were suddenly able to determine for themselves start and stop times without sacrificing much of the speed of railway travel.

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