Write 7 pages with APA style on Tourism Education and Employment Opportunities in the Industry. Dearing report (1997), which conceptualized the role of a degree as to equip students by broadening their intellectual capacity as well as imparting skills necessary for working in various industries. This in turn offers students an opportunity to achieve their personal objectives (HEPI, 2003).

However, despite having such knowledge, questions as to whether the above has been achieved in the case of tourism degree programs still linger in the mind of many people. In addition, there are concerns about how this can be assessed and get the correct answers. Propositions for the above include interviewing employers in the tourism industry to get their views and concerns about tourism degree programs. In this case, questions of relevance and shortcomings of tourism degree programs to the industry will be greatly dealt with and this will help in the explanation of the difference existing between the industry and training centers. Currently, several scholars have already tried to explain the situation according to their understanding. For example, Airey and Johnson cited a lack of uniformity and standardization in the many courses of tourism that were introduced rapidly making the employers to be confused about the relevant courses (1999). In addition, the employers have also questioned the capability of tourism graduates to meet the minimum requirements for employment in the sector (Baum, 1995. Amoha and Baum, 1997. Thomas and Long, 2001). Lastly, Busby and Fiedel (2001) also notes that employers do not use tourism degrees solely as the basis for recruitment. Of much concern is that there is limited research aimed at discovering the reasons for the gap between employers and the institutions of higher education.

From the above discussion, there is a clear difference between the employer’s expectations and aims of tourism degree programs. This is well exemplified by the fact that the program is aimed at imparting skills, providing knowledge about the industry.

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