Write 13 pages thesis on the topic tourism planning in a destination zone of london. London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, which came into existence in the 40 A.D. by Romans. It is the largest urban city including an area of at least 1579 square kilometers. It also comprises of a population of 7172,036 along with rich culture and numerous tourist attractions such as Big Ben, House of Parliament, Tower Bridge, Queens Palace and many others. Each year numerous visitors come to London to experience the cool summers, mild winters, and strong winds at the time of visiting numerous destinations. Apart from this, it is the fifth-largest economy with approx GVA of $ 546.4 billion in the year 2012 and per capita GVA of $ 65,768 among others (Office of National Statistics, 2012).

Tower Bridge of London is recognized as a suspension bridge, crossing the River Thames. As it is located just near the Tower of London, so it is considered as an iconic symbol. It is a combined bascule comprising of two towers tied with one another along with two horizontal walkways developed so as to withstand the horizontal forces of the bridge. The total length of the bridge is almost about 244 meters or 801 feet with the longest span of 61 meters. The two equal weightage bascules are of 1000tons, which are developed so as to minimize the forces utilized within it. Hence, due to these above-mentioned causes, it is considered as one of the largest and reputed tourist destinations of London, maintained and managed by the Bridge House Estates (Butler, 2006, pp. 443-456).

Apart from this, in order to reach the destination of London’s Tower Bridge very easily and quickly by the tourists, numerous signposts are designed and presented at the tower hill station. This is because, at the time of leaving the station, signposts are given on the subways so as to reach the famous tower bridge just on its left-hand side.


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