Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses tourism planning within europe. Tourism is also considered a crucial aspect for developing nations as it tends to boost the economic status of a country. In other words, the level of economic activities for the developing nations tends to increase through trade conducted with the tourists.

Tourism not only accelerates the development of a particular region but it also offers employment opportunities to the locals. Additionally, it brings added customers for local businesses such as restaurants as well as supporting community activities such as cultural programs, retail stores and events (Murphy, 1985, p.70). Considering the fact that tourism is currently considered one of the most growing industries globally, tourism management and planning is necessary to ensure smooth management of visitors and finances acquired from their visit.

The planning system in the tourism industry has an important role to play with regards to the facilitation of the improvements and development of the industry in appropriate locations (Smith, 2010, p.43). Apart from South America, Europe is considered to be the world’s favorite tourist destination which has led it to experiences a number of difficulties in making its tourist industry more environmentally friendly (Sharma, 2004, p.100). European countries have realized the importance of tourism planning where it avoids consequences such as traffic problems, overcrowding, pollution, loss of cultural identities, and lack of education on tourism employees in hospitality and skills, failure to capitalize on new marketing opportunities, lack of sufficient attractions and events as well as inadequate representation of the tourism industries’ interest (Williams & Shaw, 1994, p.90).

In the recent past, tourism activity within Europe has become more complicated, demanding of host communities as well as their culture and environment, more competitive and more extensive.

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