Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Tourism Policy and Strategy. It needs to be at least 1750 words. After the European Union agreed to reduce its conservatory gas productions in 2008, it portrayed its responsibility to engage in the environment change campaign and to guide the world in determining how this might be organized (European Commission, 2000). The approved cut of twenty percent from 1990 points by 2020, at the same time with a twenty percent renewable goal, was an important phase for the EU’s environmental development and a pure indication to the rest of the world that the European Union was set to take the action needed. This was achieved by meeting the Kyoto Protocol objective (European Commission, 2000).

In this white paper, the company finds the correct balance between social, economic, and environmental plans to improve the positive influences that airplanes produce, while reducing the negative effects and meeting approved environmental standards (Fidgeon and Ritchie, 2005. pp. 3. Par.1). They add that, the government will introduce immediately a plan to inspect how the environmental harms at Heathrow may be corrected (Fidgeon and Ritchie, 2005. pp. 8. par. 2).

An important element of environmental development in towns is the execution of more effective, impartial, and sustainable systems of transportation (Litman, 2003). Sustainable expansion requires meaningful modifications in the transportation method, all in an endeavor to increase financial effectiveness, equity, and environmental safety. This cannot be attained simply by regulating the number of vehicles on the roads or even advancing traffic movement. In the thought of Litman (2003), the entire transport system needs a complete change of the technique used by the specialists in tackling difficulties.

Glasgow Airport is situated within the local authority known as the Renfrewshire Council local authority and is supported by the Renfrewshire Local Plan (Michael, 2006). Local planning policies of the Renfrewshire Local Plan were approved in 2006.&nbsp.

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