Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on tourist attractions of switzerland Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Mountain resorts, forests, lakes, museums, castles and modern and prehistoric architecture makes this federal republican exceptional tourist attraction site. The country also has a low rate of crime, therefore, making it a safe place for tourists. Some of the chosen historic sites include the following (Becken S. a., 2007).

Zurich does not only lie in the heart of Europe but also in the hearts of people who made the city the leading destination in the country. It is situated in the northern shores of Lake Zurich and has a superb view of the snow-capped Alps on its horizon. Zurich has a diverse flair and a range of leisure activities that make it famous with travelers across the world. The reason for choosing this site is that its city has a distinct mixture of tourist attractions i.e. it has more than a hundred art galleries, over 50 museums, shops that sell Zürich designs as well as global fashion labels. The city can be easily accessed by car, plane or train. The international airport is situated 10-minute train drive from the downtown and Zürich’s Railway station is considered as a central European railroad center (Peeters P., 2007)

This region is the fifth famous place in Switzerland and encompasses Montreux and Lauvaux which has two site listings of UNESCO World Heritage. Lausanne setting is so attractive and has hosted the Olympic committee since 1914. The town is built on three hills that are being surrounded by slopes covered with vineyard (Goeverden, 2007). The town is dominated by cathedral viewed as the most exciting of prehistoric Gothic architecture filled with boutiques and cafes that shape the. The reason for choosing this site is that Lavaux is a perfect world of vineyard terraces that offer wonderful views and also produces fine wines.

It is located in the mountainous region of Graubünden 1800m above the sea level and has the opportunity of getting 322 sunshine days in a year.

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