I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Traditional Marriage and Cultural Values in the Ewe Land. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Ewe community holds great importance to its traditions. The community maintains some of its traditional practices in relation to marriage and music. The discussion below reveals the social values of music and traditional marriage, and also the importance of both to the society. Research and secondary data provide an insight into the community’s musical culture, traditional marriage and the cultural values displayed by both aspects

Music forms a great part of the Ewe community’s deep culture. it is the hallmark of the Ewe people. All Anlo Ewe communities settling in the Volta region embrace music and hold great value for it. Music has great importance to the community as it integrates members of the community together. Every activity carried out in the community requires music. Music blends in through humming singing or tapping one’s fingers and feet. It infiltrates through community activities such as farming, fishing, and weaving (Agawu, Representing African Music 12). As one moves across the villages, it is likely to hear a mother singing to her child (Agawu, African Rhythm 62), a relative singing a dirge or a man singing while digging. In most cases, a group takes part in singing or dancing rather than one person. One person creates the melody while the rest of the members create the rhythm by banging tables and clapping their hands (Agawu, African Rhythm 62). This produces a polyrhythmic orchestra while they work.

Most community ceremonies and rituals involve music. Music indulges in various ceremonies such as celebration, religious functions, and festive ceremonies (Agawu, African Rhythm 61). Marriage celebrations involve singing and dancing to celebrate the union between a man and a woman (Nukunya 90). This gives both sides of the family a chance to have a good time together by creating a lively mood for interaction. Music also applies during the courtship stage as it allows young men and women ready to marry.

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