Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Travel Information in Tourism Industry. The paper sheds light on the reason why biases exist in the issuing of advice and travel information and the remedy to the same.

Government advisories seem to target the first time travelers and families. They seem vulnerable and excited and may fail to take full precautions when they travel the tourist destinations around the world. There are other groups that depend on the travel services for business and commercial purposes, management and administration (Unger 1983). These groups are driven by strategy and ambition. These later groups become affected by unnecessary travel bans and alerts. The companies seek to avoid corporate risks. Travel related advice seem to indicate that it does not apply all the time. Governments have a tendency to be precautionary (Prentice 1992). Research shows that most of the governments do not invest a lot in getting the resources necessary to issue travel advisories exclusively. It is rare to get a government department that deals exclusively with research and collection of data on travel advisories. Tonny Ridley argues that small countries have no dedicated travel advisory services. This is a result of a lack of commercial experience (Tyrrel 1984). Partial travel advice is issued when the government wants to achieve a certain purpose. Most of such advice is predicated on government interests. It could be a form of censorship or omissions. This is in comparison to the business or commercial sector (Pothman 1978). The government is often accused of not seeing the commercial aspect of travel bans and advisories. Security departments are swift to issue travel advice, which could hurt the economy in the long run.

Most travel agencies are said to be biased. They tend to be partial toward airlines and other travel products and services. Therefore, their travel advice is often treated with suspicion. Agencies are biased towards travel service vendors.

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