Write a 6 pages paper on trends in the event tourism industry outside of the united states. The objective of the current paper, therefore, is to identify the trends in the event tourism industry outside of the United States.

From the study written by Kapiki, the author indicated that “the travel and tourism industry is composed of five parts: a) the tourism lodgings (hotels, motels, camps, cruise ships), b) the transportation services (ships, airplanes, trains), c) food and beverage operations (restaurants, bars, taverns, catering), d) retail stores (gifts, souvenir, arts/crafts shops) and e) the activities (recreation, educational trips, business, festivals, sports events)” (Kasavana and Brooks 1). Thus, one could deduce that the activities part of the travel and tourism industry would be the focus of the current discourse. Specifically, one aims to determine what kinds of activities in the global tourism industry are most predominantly preferred to be undertaken or pursued by tourists outside of the United States.

From the information gathered in the Global Tourism Opportunities Research Study commissioned by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism for the Tourism Competitiveness Study, it was revealed in Figure 1 that global tourist visitors travel for the following general purposes:

It is, therefore, noteworthy to indicate that the purposes for global tourist travel still predominantly focus on leisure. in conjunction with VFR, health and religious purposes, as combined, would already comprise about 78% of the international travelers. The 2011 figure (right) shows, “travel for leisure, recreation and holidays accounted for just over half of all international tourist arrivals (51% or 505 million arrivals). Some 15% of international tourists reported traveling for business and professional purposes and another 27% traveled for other purposes, such as visiting friends and relatives (VFR).

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