Write a 8 pages paper on troubleshooting of the software or hardware devices. The first step towards identifying an error in a computer system is checking if there are any error messages being displayed. If there are any error messages, the computer user is recommended to perform a search to identify the source of the error. Before starting any troubleshooting exercise, it is important to identify if there is any new hardware or software that have been recently added. In most cases, the new devices or software that has been added are most likely to be the cause of computer malfunctions. If the computer shows signs of being slower than usual or falling to perform tasks normally, it advisable to reboot the computer. Rebooting will free the computer from errors or being frozen 2.

Computer errors could be due to devices that have been attached to it. A troubleshooting exercise will begin with disconnecting all the attached devices so that the causes of error can be tracked down. The computer user or repairer should identify if the computer has been moved or dropped accidentally recently. Falling or moving the machine is likely to cause items to disconnect and maybe a direct cause of the computer not functioning well. In such a case, the user should identify if any parts need to be reconnected well.

Electric surges cause a high risk of damage to computers. If the PC is not plugged into a UPS or an adapter, the repairer should enquire if there were any power surges so as to detect the possible errors 3. Improper shutting down of the computers is likely to cause a software or hardware failure. The computer user should, therefore, know if the machine was cold shut so that appropriate solutions can be. Scanning for a virus is also an effective general method of troubleshooting a computer. Viruses can cause both the hardware and software devices to respond inappropriately and hence viruses should be scanned and fixed. Dangerous viruses could even eat up the operating system which will stop the whole computer from functioning 4.

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