Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: Understanding Realism in the Chilean Film, La Nana. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The reason is films give viewers many different experiences. People always watch films because enjoying them very much. (Bordwell and Thompson 2010)

Filmmaking began late 19th century. Then, theorists debate the meaning and purpose of the film. Two big camps debate, realism, and formalism. The two camps are films of the Lumière brothers and George Méliès. They two understand reality differently. For Lumière brothers, the film is a window to the world. The film can especially show what happening to the world by using natural settings and techniques. So theorists say Lumière brothers’ films realism examples. Another camp Méliès, the film is a canvas. The film is a special medium. It can use reality to create fantasy worlds by using special effect techniques. So theorists say Méliès films formalism examples. (De Valk 2013)

Formalism was most popular until WWII ended. But many debates about realism. Also, realism was more powerful. (Hallam and Marshment 2000) But film theorists debate realism because of different understandings of realism nature. When is film realism? Is film realism because of content or form? Can film show reality by using unnatural forms? For example, is a cartoon film about reality realism? This paper says no. Why? This is because realism in film is seen in form, like the Chilean film, La nana (The maid).

Realism is about real-life stories. Each person has a unique story to tell. That is why no single reality but many. So, film theorists still debate what the use and purpose of the film (Lay 2002). Bazin (1967. 1971) is correct. “There is not one, but several dashes of realism. Each era looks for its own.” (Cited in Lay 2002, p. 7) This is true. You see this in realism development.

Realism came out because of many social and intellectual changes in post-Enlightenment Europe (Hallam and Marshment 2000). Then in the 18th century, realism became most popular in the West.&nbsp.

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