Provide a 9 pages analysis while answering the following question: United Continental Holdings. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Area of the air transportation of the firm automatically creates the path network of the airline firm as the most wide-ranging all over the globe. The firm is endorsed to run above 5500 flights on a daily basis in almost 375 sites in the United States as well as in other global regions. The company is in fact created as an outcome of a joint venture between Continental Airlines and United Airlines. The report aims to carry out a highly structured and well planned strategic framework which will facilitate the flourishing conclusion of the integration procedure of the two airlines as well as will assist in challenging against the partnership efforts of Air Tran and Southwest Airlines (The Conference Board, 2013).

The present mission statement as presented in the case study of the company focuses on the collective short term goals of the merged corporation. The mission statement discusses creating the most widespread global network, which includes world-class international gateways along with nonstop or one-stop service from any location within the United States. It also discusses developing the most modern and fuel-efficient fleet along with the best new aircraft order book among all network carriers of the US. The mission statement also aims to develop the leading frequent flyer program within the airline industry along with the development of hubs in highly optimal locations in 10 cities, including the development of hubs in the four largest cities in the US. Since the existing mission statement is very broad in nature, a new mission statement can be proposed. The new mission statement can be as follows:

Constructing an energy-efficient fleet that has the capability to offer a one-stop or nonstop service from any US-based site to a range of worldwide gateways by working in the broadest airline arrangement.

The vision statement of the company highlights the long term goals of the company.&nbsp.

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