Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses use of events for tourism in the city of barcelona. The tourism strategy in Barcelona aims at developing a tourism model that will ensure that a balance is maintained between the local residents and tourists. It also aims at maintaining the identity values of this particular city. One of the values that the strategy fights to keep is the rich culture. It also maintains the values that make it attractive to all sorts of tourists ranging from those who are interested in sports events, cultural festivals, religious events, and many others.

The city of Barcelona has on many occasions had a boost to its tourism industry as a result of international events. These events include the visit by Benedict the XVI, the Barcelona marathon, Formula 1 Grand Prix of Barcelona, the Aphrodite – Les Folies Tour, Barcelona 1992 Summer Olympics, Barcelona Open, La Merçè Festivity, and the champion league finals. These events attracted thousands of visitors to the city of Barcelona and earned the city a lot of income.

Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Barcelona on the 6th of November 2010. His mission to Barcelona was to preside over the consecration of Barcelona’s Cathedral La Sagrada Familia. During the visit, the Pope held a private meeting with the queen and king of Spain. The visit is believed to have generated a total income of about € 39 million to the city of Barcelona as a result of the activities that took place during the visit. More than half of this income is believed to have come from the expenditures of the visitors whose main attraction to Barcelona was the Pope’s visit. The income came from business activities such as transport, accommodation, shopping, restaurants, and many others (Smith 2012, p. 201). This event also played a very important role in marketing Barcelona as a tourist destination. The visitors who came specifically for the pope’s visit must have noticed the very many tourist attractions in Barcelona.

The city of Barcelona hosted the Barcelona Marathon of 2013.&nbsp.

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