Compose a 1500 words assignment on vietnam conflict with france. Needs to be plagiarism free! Historians have documented a variety of causes like politics, social, economic and legal issues play a vital role in the conflict. Vietnam conflict with France contributes severe losses in both sides. Because of inadequate troops and war strategies, France faced failure. The diversity of Terrain, density in population and guerrilla war strategies became supporting forces for Vietnam. In addition, a war between Vietnam and France paved the way for aggravating social tension, economic crisis and political pressure in France. Like France, war-affected Vietnam also in different ways. After the war, the nation is subjected to substantial political polarizations such as the immediate spreading of communism, mounting American invasion and nation’s socio-economic changes. Vietnam conflicts with France ends in the failure of France and it paved the way for substantial changes in the social and political fields of Vietnam and the Southeast Asian region.

It is a startling piece of information for a reader that Vietnam conflicts with France have some historical backdrops. In the 17th century, Catholic missionaries had reached in Vietnam and engaged in religious activities. In the beginning, missionaries had concentrated on religious programs and related social services. Later missionaries had marked their name in politics and trade. As a result, missionaries were forced to accept protest from native Vietnamese. In 847, France had sent troops to Vietnam for rescue service. Vietnam became beneficial for the French and “Vietnam had good supplies of coal, tin, zinc, and rubber” (Spartacus Educational). Majority of the above mentioned products were sent to France and Vietnam also makes available a fine market for French manufactured goods. Research professionals had marked that by 1938. more than 57% of all Vietnam’s imports were French companies and business groups. The spread of communism had inspired many Vietnamese and they began to question the French authority to rule Vietnam.

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