Compose a 2500 words assignment on violence in korean films. Needs to be plagiarism free! In A Bloody Aria gender, based violence is portrayed as one of the social issues culminating into trauma. The film also portrays historical injustices that culminate into violence. Jeong fall victim to this kind of violence from both her professor and the gang. The attempted sexual advancement portrays the nature in which the female within this community are perceived as far as opinion and social position is a concern. In this case, the trauma inflicted by the attempted sexual advancement by her professor prompts her to escape. Alexander et al (2004) indicate that Trauma victims may formulate ways to avoid their victims. In this case, she flees opting to get a retrieve. However, she finds herself in the hands of a gang leader who redirects her to her previous tormentor. The initial perception for any trauma victim is to avoid such an occurrence from recurring. In this case, the actor falls victim of her initial oppressor and risk being subjected to the new vice of violence.

In Memories of Murder, sexual violence is also portrayed. In this case, a series of trauma-related events are experienced when a number of women are murdered in cold blood. The first victim is subjected to torture and rape, the neglected event encourages the second and the third murder. The law enforcement agents are forced to investigate this situation. The movie also portrays a social problem majorly faced by the females. In this case, more than one victim is portrayed. The two movies indicted organized gangs and antisocial situations that triggered the murder. The vulnerability of the female in Memories of Murder indicates the social positioning of females. In this case, trauma is presented once the police take charge to control and investigate the serial killers. The movie presents the result of violence as the action result to the murder of three females. The other sense of violence is presented on the hand of police when they mishandle suspects with the aim of retrieving vital information.&nbsp.

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