Need an research paper on web development for information management. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. The website provides a listing of the pizzas and side orders on the menu from which a customer can select the items. Once a customer sets his/her location, prices get displayed accordingly. The shopping cart shows the name, price, and quantity of an item.

The website provides different pages relevant to the business besides just the ordering page. Customers can find stores nearest to their area, they can read about the company, see a list of FAQs, they can subscribe to receive deals through SMS or email, they can see the special deals, prizes, and gift cards.

Boston Pizza ( ) is a well-established pizza business with various franchises spread all across the provinces of Canada. Although pizza is the main order, other items can also be ordered.

After that, the customer selects the items, reviews the order and the payment, and finally confirms the order. Payment can be made by delivery or online. A mail gets delivered to the customer once the order gets placed. A customer can also track the status of orders and add feedback. The history of orders is maintained for each customer.

Besides the ordering feature, the site provides relevant pages related to the company. Customers can even contact with the administration, share the page on social sites, join the email club to receive news about special deals, etc.

The order is either a pickup order or a delivery. The visitors can see the listing of menu items and prices by setting the location of a store nearest to them. In case a store is not open, the option of placing a future order is also available.

2. Sound Presentation: The overall interface and outlook of the website shall be determined. For instance, the font face, size, visible links, consistency in design and layout, color scheme, background, images, etc.

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