Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on What Determines a Person Support or Opposition to Death Penalty. It needs to be at least 2500 words. According to the researchers, “capital trials produce&nbsp.so many mistakes1&nbsp.that it takes three judicial inspections to catch them—leaving&nbsp.grave doubt whether we&nbsp.do&nbsp.catch them all. After state courts threw out&nbsp.47%&nbsp.of death sentences due to serious flaws, a later federal review found ‘serious error—error undermining the reliability of the outcome—in&nbsp.40%&nbsp.of the remaining sentences” (as quoted in Randall 2000).

In response to this study, Illinois governor George Ryan pardoned four death row prisoners and commuted the other 163 cases into life imprisonment. This move has garnered widespread criticism from death penalty supporters who accused Ryan of seeking public favor redemption for his corrupt activities. Meanwhile, pro-life forces have nominated the ex-governor for the Nobel Peace Prize as recognition. In another case, Attorney General John Ashcroft used the death penalty in order to secure the communities terrorized by a mysterious sniper. When suspects were arrested, Ashcroft steered prosecution away from Maryland where the death penalty was under the attack to Virginia, where there is a strong support base for capital punishment.

These two cases are just two of the major events that demonstrate the debates for and against capital punishment. There are many others that support the two opposing positions. There are also a number of researches aiming to understand why the death penalty is important, or why it should be abolished instead.

This study does not create a position for or against capital punishment. Instead, it seeks to understand how wide support the practice receives from Americans, as well as to determine the characteristics of individuals who support our object to capital punishment. This is important to know because such information can affect policy concerning the death&nbsp.penalty. For example, in the 2009 results of the annual Gallup Crime Survey, they discovered that at least 65% of Americans continue to support the death penalty (Newport 2009). What are the characteristics of these Americans who support the death penalty? This is the main question for this research. It is important for policymakers and politicians to know the answer to this question because their own view on capital punishment can affect the support base for future policies and laws they may propose.

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