Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on what does challenge mean. Nevertheless “challenge” plays not the least role in giving a definite age rating to the comics which unlike books have Comics Code Authority and age rating especially for comics that have sex and violence as their major themes while other are made especially for kids. The example of comics is not accidental because two comics from the list of the most challenged books are the only items that I read myself. These comics are “Persepolis” by Marjan Satrapi and “Saga” by Brian K. Vaughn. Though at all this is not a literature I will due to the lucky coincidence use exactly these works as an anchor of my critical analysis of the problem of challenged, banned and warranted written (and drawn too) works. More than that it will be fair to add that increasing popularity and period of incredible prosperity of comics in my humble opinion allows to make a suggestion that as the most modern and new art form it slightly becomes more authentic, proficient and overall interesting than usual books and literary works of any genre, size, and form presented nowadays. The appearance of two great comic books in the list of 10 most often challenged books only proves that comics today should be treated just as fair and serious as books and other mediums and art forms like films or music.

“Persepolis” and “Saga” are brilliant comics and incredibly sincere, honest and interesting works of fiction which creators I admire. The film adaptation of “Persepolis” was nominated for Oscar as the best cartoon and was among the two movies that won Jury Prize at the 2007th Cannes Film Festival. “Saga” in its turn received numerous Eisner awards which is the most important and significant award in the comics industry.

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