You will prepare and submit a term paper on What It Means to Be Human. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. In the process, he investigates and analyzes arguments concerning human nature and derives the conclusion that humans were are solely distinguished by their ability to love and be loved and to serve and be served by others. Thomas Aquinas viewed human nature as a paradox, with the defining trait of dividing between spirit and matter. The paper will compare and contrast the different viewpoints of these philosophers and how they argue and support their viewpoints.

Thomas Aquinas perceives the link between consciousness and matter ‘as humanity’s desire for God as an expression for the life of the trinity’ (Beattie, 2012). Humans are the only living species who have the ability to differentiate their existence between spirit and matter. This is a defining characteristic as humans are able to differentiate themselves from other animals. This is also a good criterion in the sense that the ability to differentiate the body and spirit enables humans to analyze and interpret the world they live in and the society. He also emphasizes the characteristic that humans are able to create order in their community. This theory is evident and can be observed in the modern world. Humans live in a society that is far more complex than any other species. It is characterized by technological advancements and diversity in the community. Other species which have been assumed to share similarity with humans do not have the diversity that is present in human society. Aquinas also defines human nature by its ability to derive meaning from the essence of life. This perspective provides insight into the subject matter as the ability to value the meaning of life allows humanity to preserve it and create a society that is guided by boundaries that enable the preservation of life. This is a well-structured argument as this is present in human society and has not been defined as a trait in other species.&nbsp.

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