Write 8 pages with APA style on Who Curates A Theme-Based Interview. In collaboration with the respective works by each of the bodies involved in an interview You Talking to Me and Minor Curating, this paper takes a grasp of the theme, ‘Who Curates?”. It should be noted that the presentation of this interview is able to take a concrete discussion base about a curator, visitor expectations, the themes that are selected for a group exhibition, and the artist’s work allowing communication patterns. All this has been interwoven in the paper through the discussion between the two viewpoints regarding the theme selected for this paper.

Rugoff: There are always two ways in which the curator’s job can either be made easy to understand or difficult to the level where art can become diminished instead of reaching its goal of showing a way for viewers to relate to it. I believe that curator spending time to find out the best artworks and putting all of them together under one roof will rather make the message of art as clattery. Instead, it is suggested that little but great work will allow the exhibition to leave out a sensational memory. Maybe, it will be effective for a curator to not just focus on the selection of some finest work but rather works that will mesmerize the senses. This is the way in which one can dictate the role of the curator in a very critical manner (Rugoff, 2006). This is surely a way of thinking over the theme of Who Curates. What about you?

Hunt: As I started my own work entitled Minor Curating, I would reply to this question of yours by saying I argue. I would rather imply that the curator’s work is no less than a historical preacher. Curators are to play the role to follow periphery. The concept of Prism is surely reflective of the curator’s task. The real-life examples of group exhibition can be drawn from United Kingdom where I have experienced some finer manner of artwork presented in such a way that I experienced.

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