Write 11 pages with APA style on Work Placement in Hailong Hotel. Numerous skills include problem-solving ability, time management, communication skills written, decision-making skills, organizational skills, leadership and motivation among others.

It can be analyzed that I am quite competent enough in terms of adaptability, self-motivation, tolerance, and negotiation skills. I also find myself proficient enough in dealing with a large amount of data which is considered as one of the most significant skills for a person in an organization. I am also competent enough in resolving the problems and planning. Most of the organizations state the fact that it is quite significant for the employees to possess problem-solving as well as planning skills since the employees possessing these two skills can assist in attaining the goals of the organization and can help in maintaining the sustainable advantage.

However, I find myself less competent in terms of time management, teamwork as well as leadership potential. Efficient time management is vital in order to attain the tasks of the organization and to evade wasting valuable organisation assets. Leadership as well as team management are all about being capable of directing a team to perform the best that it can. Team management is about the capability to obtain the best from the workforce. Leadership can also be observed to be a process of making oneself be looked upon as an example in any organization. The organizations cannot run efficiently without a good leader. Similarly, it is also significant to possess skills related to proper team management.

Therefore, in order to place me in a better organisation, I need to equip myself with the necessary skills. I found myself lacking in the three most crucial aspects such as leadership, time management and teamwork. In this regard, my long-term goals would be to develop leadership skills as well as time management skills. My short-term goal will be to equip myself with team management skills.&nbsp.

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