Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on workplace injury: disability management programs. disability programs in Canada assist managers in the prevention of occupational illnesses and injuries to accommodate workers in a way that allows early and safe employees to return to work (Barnetson, 2010). Most importantly, disability programs act as a way of keeping employers out of legal issues and financial hardship that may arise from workplace injuries and occupational illnesses.&nbsp.Canadian employers consider disability management programs as one of the critical issues that require proper attention for the best management of their organizations. Such programs provide the employers with the necessary risk reduction and human resource strategies needed for the prevention of lost time and assistance of injured employees to get back to work as soon as possible. The operation of disability management programs is very significant for employers operation because they consist of particular materials and methods applicable in the workplace to shape a satisfactory and timely return to work (Barnetson, 2010). In broader terms, disability management programs facilitate the benefits of both employees and employers value by reduction of absenteeism, maintenance of productivity. Additionally, the disability management programs create a quick, reasonable and practical transition of experienced and trained Canadian employees.&nbsp.On the grounds of absenteeism, Canadian organizations consider the business issue as a matter of concern. By far, the disability management programs act as an effective tool for employers in cost control among other things. Apparently, most firms in Canada lose a lot because absenteeism decreases the company’s productivity in various companies as well as the economy of the nation as a whole. Thus, most employers in the Canadian government pursue the disability management program to limit the effects of absenteeism on their organizations (Barnetson, 2010). Apparently, the employer’s decision to adopt the disability management program mostly succeeds when it promotes employees, employers, and unions cooperation.&nbsp.Employers operation of disability programs is indeed a way of reducing costs for maintenance of a productive and healthy working environment.&nbsp. In short, employers adopt disability management programs to reduce the duration of employee’s illnesses and absenteeism. In light of this, employers in Canadian organizations can reduce the number of compensation claims and benefits costs (Stellman, 1998). Additionally, the programs reduce the employer’s overall and training costs. Most significantly, disability management programs help the employers to have an all-around focus concerning climate, work accommodation, case of return to work, coordination and proper management education. When employers implement the program it ensures that they keep each member of the organization actively involved in their activities and make the workplace a conducive working environment. In other words, the implementation of the program is a motivational factor to the employees’ health and risks management (Stellman, 1998). While monitoring workplace shifts, the employers, employers understand room for a better understanding of the disability program and such an insight helps in workplace injury prevention and improvement.

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