I will pay for the following article World Heritage Sites. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The body that elects those sites that are to be listed as the world heritage sites is the United Nations General Assembly. At the same time, the list of all the heritage sites of the world is maintained by the International World Heritage Programme which is under UNESCO. There are certain special conditions under which these sites may receive funds say for maintenance and upgrade from the World Heritage Fund kitty.

There are certain countries that have had the chance to have several sites listed. A perfect example, in this case, happens to be Italy. It is to be noted that the country has close to 47 sites that have been inscribed as world heritage sites. Overall in the world, there are around 725 cultures that have been listed, together with about 936 sites.

The issue of world heritage sites was not an idea that was borne by the United Nations. As a matter of fact, it was something that had its roots in Egypt. This was after the building of the Aswan High Dam in the year 1954. After the United Nations saw that the dam could lead to some safeguards in the Egyptian nation, it launched a worldwide safeguard campaign and in the process, UNESCO launched the International Council of Monuments and Sites which was started with the intention of protecting the world heritage which was perceived to be of importance to the entire humanity.

It is, however, the United States that came up with the idea of bringing together natural conservation with the aspect of cultural conservation. Similar proposals were also developed and presented to the United Nations in the year 1972 by the International Union of Conservation of Nature.

It is to be appreciated that as a result of the world heritage sites program there are some countries that have benefitted tremendously as a result of this. The main reason for this is because these sites automatically become tourist attractions.

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