Write 8 pages thesis on the topic techestate project. Computer literacy – it is assumed that users of the system at MyHouse Company are computer literate. Therefore, little training will be required. Training will only entail the usage of the application to be developed.

This represents any person who will make use of the system in any way as time goes by. For instance, a credit reference bureau may require to calculate a customer’s credit by accessing their tenancy payments and records.

This represents communication from the employees of unlimited software technologies and their executive management. In this communication, the employees provide project status and feedback to the executives.

Communication in this case is internal. In this communication, team members update each other on the group’s progress. In this way, the project is synchronized preventing cases where the group should wait for a long time for feedback in regard to a certain issue.

It is prudent to provide different means of communication. This is because different communication means have different guidelines and formality levels that guarantee that information is effectively passed (Heerkens, 2002). The way in which information is organized is also as significant as the way it is passed.

This process requires brainstorming sessions between the customer and the project team. This also involves identifying the unknowns and all project assumptions. Stakeholders should be consulted in order to identify and quantify risks associated with the project (Ben-David & Raz, 2001).

A table that details risk categories will be created and updated during the course of the duration. In this table, there will be risks pertaining to the project, various markers that determine the risk rating and rating of risk in question.

This section highlights responses to the three risks identified above. After identification of the risks, it is imperative to find ways to manage these risks. In order to respond to risks.

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