Write a 6 pages paper on the cThus, the art of motion pictures has been applied variously throughout the movies Troy and Gladiator, and the manner in which each film applies the art of the motion pictures, and how this impacts on the audience, is the subject of this discussion.

The film, Troy, is a film that was produced in 2004 but tells the story of the historical wars of the Greeks. In this respect, the film does not only require that its storyline will follow the ancient wars, but that its depiction will be able to take the audience back to history, and give the audience a feel of what ancient Greek wars looked like. Impressive cinematography has been applied as a technique in the movie Troy, to bring out the actual feel of the ancient Greek times to the audience. Impressing cinematography is identifiable in the first scenes of the opening of the movie Troy, especially the opening shots of the map of Greece that is depicted in the film opening (Troy, n.p.). The shots of Greece give the audience an actual depiction of an ancient city with ancient buildings characterized by ancient architecture. This instantaneously impacts on the audience by taking them back in time, so the audience does not only reflect on ancient history but is also informed that the film will be covering a theme in the ancient times in Greece. In this respect, cinematography becomes effective in that it impacts the audience immediately the movie opens, by informing the audience on the nature of the story the audience is about to follow throughout the film.

The impressive cinematography applied here entails the presentation of the map of Greece in slow-moving shots, which allows the audience to get a full glimpse of the beauty of the territory according to the standards of the ancient architecture, such that the audience is sure that the storyline depicted by the film will entail some sort of superiority.

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