Write a 7 pages paper on the reds. The real-life Reed and the one in the movie is the fact that he decides to go ahead and do things which are extremely futile especially when he makes the decision to actively cover the Russian Revolution at the risk of his own life, and despite having this knowledge, and ends up doing it because of the belief that it is the right thing for him to do. For the duration of the film, Beatty attempts to display the reality of each of the characters in line with what occurred in their real lives and he does this from the very beginning. In order to create a situation where there is a contrast of characters that leads the movie into its climax, Beatty chooses an appropriate time to reveal the original plot to the audience, so that in this manner, he is able to capture the personality of each character in a manner which ensures that the audience is able to capture their role in the film. But before the climax of the film, he uses the main characters’ personalities and other events to convince the audience that what they are viewing is what really happened in the life of Reeds and the people who were close to him. By doing this, the Beatty ensures that he maintains the element of surprise that helps him to captivate his audience and he does this in a manner that provides the audience with the need to find out what is going to happen next in the film.

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