Need help with my writing homework on Choosing an Appropriate Windows Server 2012 and Features. Write a 3000 word paper answering; These are the main challenges that befall the IT team in any organization. All these issues to be handled and mitigated there is a need of using a powerful server that controls all other computers to enhance performance. This organization chose the Standard server edition over the other three Windows server 2012 editions. The organization was able to use the edition to bring about virtualization though not fully, enhancing safe and effective storage of data, automation of management schedules through the use of the PowerShell environment, and enhanced failover clustering and data deduplication services which promote data backups and safety as well and the administration time are the main significant gains that the company enjoyed.

B. The Windows Server 2012 Standard edition shares a number of features with the DataCenter edition of the same server. These features include the backup management in the cloud, clustering of the storage space, data duplication, and enhanced storage space that offers higher security for the data being stored. However, these two editions differ in one or two ways. The main differences include the cost of the DataCenter per processor is quite high compared to that of the Standard edition and also the level of virtualization in the DataCenter edition is much higher than that that is incorporated in the Standard edition. The main disadvantages of the Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition are that it comes with some features that require a separate license which may be costly to the users as compared to other open-source servers from the Linux vendors and also the limitation of the server on dual-core processor machines is a disadvantage since it cannot install on the multi-core machines.

Q2A. The security of data is the main concern of the servers. Therefore the Windows Server 2012 was not left out to address this critical issue. It has a number of inbuilt security.

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